Democratic Governance

Presidential elections in Georgia. January 2008

Photo: David Khizanishvili/UNDP


UNDP assists Georgia in promoting legislative, executive and judicial reforms. UNDP’s programme for Democratic Governance provides support to key institutions in establishing the main directions of reforms.

Public sector

UNDP promotes reforms in the public sector through the Governance Reform Fund (GRF) and through an On-demand Consultancy Service.

In 2011, UNDP continued to assist key public agencies in dealing the strategic issues. UNDP assistance targeted the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs; the Ministry Education and Science; the Ministry Environmental Protection; the Chamber of Control; and the Georgian Public Broadcaster.

Through on-demand consultancies, UNDP provided technical assistance to selected institutions. The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance and other agencies received support from reputed international experts and transition practitioners in 2011.

Fair electoral processes

UNDP assists democratic institutions in Georgia to enable the introduction of fair electoral processes and active civil participation. UNDP’s assistance focuses on the major requirements of free and fair elections: qualified electoral administrations and well-informed voters.

Parliamentary development

In 2011, UNDP assistance to the parliament of Georgia was aimed at enhancing the parliament’s role during the formulation of national budget. UNDP also assisted the parliament in policy-making for democratic local self-governance. In addition, UNDP helped improve human resource management and public relations, and promoted partnership and cooperation with the Eastern European, Baltic and Nordic parliaments.

Human rights institutions

Throughout 2011, UNDP worked closely with the Tolerance Centre at the Public Defender’s office. UNDP support included the organisation of educational contests and quizzes for youth, seminars, conferences and round table discussions. In addition, UNDP assisted the Centre to introduce the annual awards Tolerance Guardians to acknowledge prominent journalists, civil society leaders and institutions active in promoting the culture of tolerance, equality and peace in Georgia.


UNDP is a longstanding supporter of judicial reforms in Georgia working closely with the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance and the court system. UNDP has brought international experience into initiatives such as training judges and lawyers, assisting with the set-up of effective systems of public outreach, and backing the rapid rollout of the Legal Aid Service.

Integrated border management

Through a Euro 6.3 million EU-funded programme, UNDP facilitates the adoption by the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia of EU good practices in the field of open but secure borders. UNDP support aimed at enhancing strategic capacities of the South Caucasus states for effective border management and at establishing relevant policies and procedures.

Media development initiatives

Through the EU-funded programme, UNDP works with the Georgian civil society organisations to ensure qualified and credible monitoring of the media and the balanced and neutral information to the public.

Media monitoring initiatives commissioned by UNDP in 2010 and 2011 covered a range of social, economic and political issues, such as: elections, judiciary, environmental concerns, human rights, the displaced, gender-based violence, hate speech, and persons with disabilities.

Youth initiatives

In 2011, UNDP implemented a number of initiatives to help young people become active citizens and engage in different areas of social, economic and political life. Contests, training courses, social media discussions and festivals brought together hundreds of Georgian and Romanian teenagers.

Local self-governance reform

In 2011 UNDP continued its assistance to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure to take the lead in reforming local self-governance.


Project ID Title Duration
00048522 Governance Reform Fund 2007-10-01 - 2012-05-31
00069257 Local Governance Reform in Georgia 2009-01-01 - 2012-12-31
00063778 South Caucasus Integrated Border Management (SCIBM) 2009-01-01 - 2013-09-30
00055606 On-Demand Consultancy Service 2007-03-16 - 2012-12-31
00071754 A Strong Parliament in a Consolidated Democracy 2010-01-01 - 2012-12-31
00074640 Media Monitoring 2010-04-25 - 2012-01-31
00059653 Civil Society and Youth 2010-03-01 - 2012-10-31
Assistance to electoral process in Georgia 2012-04-25 - 2014-04-25
00081311 Enhancing Gender Equality in Georgia 2011-10-31 - 2014-10-31
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