Human Development

Exhibition of local crafts and art work in Tusheti. July 2010

Photo: David Khizanishvili/UNDP


Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

In all its activities, UNDP seeks to promote the achievement of the MDGs – eight Millennium Development Goals which were agreed by an absolute majority of the world’s countries in response to the main development challenges.

Georgia has yet to develop its national MDG strategy. Nevertheless, a first baseline report (2004) and a follow-up progress report (2005) have been produced. In 2007, UNDP assisted the Tbilisi Municipality in drafting an MDG report.

In 2010, UNDP supported the youth organizations of Georgia in launching the Youth Summit on achieving the MDGs in Georgia. The summit created a forum for discussions for the government and civil society.

Assessment of Social Vulnerability in Georgia

UNDP works to provide a comprehensive analysis of social vulnerability in Georgia with the focus on three groups: internally displaced persons (IDPs), persons with disabilities, and high mountainous population.

The study aims to identify key barriers to Georgia’s human development resulting from people’s limited capabilities to actively engage and participate in various spheres of human life. A specific focus is placed on employment, livelihoods and social and civic networks. The study will outline major policy challenges and provide directions for policy interventions.

National Human Development Report

National Human Development Report is a result of a series of discussions held with the Government, civil society groups, international and local NGOs, and a wide range of local experts.


Project ID Title Duration
00077610 Assessment of Social Vulnerability in Georgia 2011-02-15 - 2012-12-31
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