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  • Type: Manuals/Guidelines
  • Published By: UNDP Georgia
  • Languages: English
Date: 16-12-2010

Winning with Integrity

With the focus on the best national and international practices, the manual is designed to make Georgian companies more competitive, help develop social capital in the country, and assist Georgia in achieving one of its strategic priorities – integration into the European Union structures and markets.

The manual uses the model of the CSR handbook developed by the British organisation Business in the Community (BITC) and later adapted by UNDP in Croatia. The content of the handbook was put together by UNDP Georgia and the Global Compact Georgian Network companies and the other leading businesses and institutions in Georgia.

The five chapters of the handbook – CSR Overview, Workplace, Marketplace, Environment, and Community, present the core concepts and areas of corporate social responsibility in an easy and comprehensive way to make it beneficial for every size of business.

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