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  • Type: Research Papers
  • Published By: UNDP Georgia
  • Languages: English
Date: 09-11-2010

Private Sector and Development

This collection of opinion papers and summaries of public discussions examines the current situation in the country and identifies the best way forward.

The publication is the result of a comprehensive debate carried on in 2009 under the auspices of the Georgian Network of the UN Global Compact Initiative.

The participants of the discussions include representatives of the government, members of civil society, business, donor and international organizations, experts, researchers and practitioners.

The publication reviews five key areas of Georgia’s economy:

  • Competitiveness of Georgia’s human resources, with the article by Prof. George Berulava of Sokhumi State University and the Gugushvili Institute of Economics.
  • Development of small and medium enterprises, with the article written by Prof. Mikheil Tokmazishvili of Tbilisi State University.
  • Georgia in Green Economy, with the article by Mr. Zaal Lomtadze, Advisor to the Minister of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia.
  • The importance of standards, with the article by Mr. Alexander Margishvili, Managing Director of PMCG Consulting Group.
  • Green fields: the reality and promise of Georgian agriculture, with the article written by Mr. David Land, senior expert on food and agriculture sectors.


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