Project Details

01-10-2006 / 31-12-2010
Total Budget:
USD 523,115.00
Specific area:
  • Private sector development
Georgraphic Focus:
  • Kakheti
  • Government of Romania
  • UNDP
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia
Project Address:
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Contact person:

Contact person in UNDP:
George Nanobashvili
Economic Development Programme Team Leader

Kakheti Regional Development


The project aims to help the region of Kakheti, Eastern Georgia, to meet its development needs.

The embargo on the Georgian wine imposed by the Russian Federation in spring 2006 is a serious external threat that may affect 70,000 small farmers and their households. As Georgia’s main winery, Kakheti needs to develop a strategy to preserve its wine-making industry, as well as to diversify the regional economy in terms of markets and products.

UNDP’s project aims to promote sustainable forms of human development in the region and contribute to poverty reduction. In close cooperation with the local authorities, the project helps the region become more economically diverse and generate new employment opportunities and.

The project has the following objectives: 

  1. Establishing a basis for regional policy and development;
  2. Creating sustainable rural livelihoods in the region;
  3. Improving access to finance for small-scale entrepreneurs;
  4. Improving the capacity of the governmental counterparts (national, regional and local); and
  5. Improving the national policy-making by developing an up-stream policy link.

Project Documents
Erotik film