Project Details

01-04-2009 / 31-03-2012
Total Budget:
USD 668,404.94. Spent by Dec 2011: USD 517,463.57
Specific area:
  • Justice and human rights
Georgraphic Focus:
  • National
  • UNDP
  • Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia
Project Address:
30 Rustaveli Avenue
Postal Code:
Contact person:

Contact person in UNDP:
Natia Natsvlishvili
Democratic Governance Team Leader

Legal Aid Service


The main goal of the project is to promote legal empowerment and justice for all by supporting the state Legal Aid Service operating under the Georgian Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance, and the NGOs and private attorneys involved in offering legal assistance to vulnerable groups of the population.

The initiative aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Assist the Legal Aid Service to open bureaus throughout Georgia, including the ethnic minority regions.
  2. Build institutional capacities to help the Legal Aid Service: (a) address changes in the criminal justice system, and (b) effectively manage the Legal Aid Bureaus.
  3. Assist the Legal Aid Service to inform the public about its services.
  4. Assist the Legal Aid Service to develop a strategic plan that will support access to justice to the vulnerable through providing full representation in civil and administrative cases.  

Georgia adopted the Law on Legal Aid in 2007, and this state-funded service, initially run by the Ministry of Justice, was transferred to the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance in February 2009.

Project Documents
Erotik film