Millenium Development Goals worldwide

The following resources provide more information about the MDGs worldwide:


The United Nations Millenium Development Goals website

Background information and MDG-related documents.


The UNDP Millenium Development Goals website

UNDP, in collaboration with national governments, is coordinating country reporting on progress towards the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. This website provides comprehensive information regarding the MDGs as well as progress achieved towards reaching these goals.


The MDG Monitor

The MDG Monitor is the UN's joint project with Google Earth. It shows how countries are progressing in their efforts to achieve the MDGs. With the 2015 target date fast approaching, it is more important than ever to understand where the goals are on track, and where additional efforts and support are needed, both globally and at the country level. The MDG Monitor is designed as a tool for policymakers, development practitioners, journalists, students and evevrybody else interested to track the MDGs progress in the world.


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